Holland American Bakery

Holland American Bakery

We make cakes for every occasion.   Prices include cake with buttercream frosting and basic decoration (like writing and sprinkles) at no additional cost.  Optional upgrades can include whipped cream, hand drawn decoration, fresh fruit filling, or our gluten free recipe.    Call us for a consultation today.   

Round cakes:

7" (6-8 servings) $14.95

8" (10-12 servings) $18.55

10" (15-20 servings) $29.50



Rectangular Sheet Cakes:

¼ sheet cake (15-20 servings) $28.50

½ sheet cake (35-40 servings) $49.50 

3 layer ½ sheet (50 – 60 servings) $72.50 

Full sheet cake (75-80) servings $86.25

3 layer full sheet (95-110 servings)  $120.00

Please call and ask if you have any specific requests - we are more than happy to talk over ideas with you.

Please like us on facebook. Review our cake albums for examples of cakes!